Our Story

Meg Halverson saw an opportunity to build a consulting group that thrived on a wellspring of ideas from different sectors and practices. Bright Spring Strategy Consulting opened its doors in 2011, and whether the client is a small non-profit or a Fortune 500 company, the common denominator for success is in our approach: unparalleled service with creative, lasting solutions.

It’s no secret that we love a good challenge to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Based in downtown Seattle, our team is constantly seeking opportunities to partner and grow with clients.

Our Team

Meg Halverson
Jennifer Kim
Senior Consultant
Courtney Noble
Senior Consultant
Jenae Poe

Interested in joining Bright Spring?

Bright Spring offers competitive benefits, salary, and an opportunity to grow your potential while addressing some of the most urgent issues facing our society. Our headquarters in Seattle is located in the heart of downtown. Bright Spring looks for diverse candidates with skills and experiences that cut across different areas of expertise and geographies. Our future team members also have exceptional problem solving skills, an entrepreneurial outlook, and project management and/or development experience.